Taking Your Business To The Next Level With Search Engine Optimization

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]When you are doing business, especially online, whether it is a small, medium or large business, the importance of quality search engine optimization services cannot be underestimated.[/quote]

Just ask yourself. What’s the purpose of having a website with no visitors? What answer did you get? -NIL – NOTHING -. As an entrepreneur, your company can have the best professionally designed e-commerce website in the world, but if it lags behind in quality search engine optimization services by an expert like Position One Marketing located in Edmonton, Canada, then that means nobody sees it. If nobody sees your website, that means no customers for your business and if there is no customers for your business, there is no profit for your business. Of course, there is no purpose of doing business when you stand to gain no profit from it.

A site that is well optimized according to the algorithms of popular search engines like Google, Bingo, Yahoo and others is will definitely get more exposure in SERPs. Getting more online exposure (enjoying first or second page ranking) directly translates to more traffic (visitors) to a website, and pulling heavy traffic / getting more visitors directly translates into more sales of products and services, which in short means profits for your business.

Benefit of Position One Marketing’s SEO Services

There are lot business stands to gain from quality search engine optimization marketing services. If you are considering setting up or you already have an online business but you are yet to start employing professional SEO services, then you need to begin immediately. If you wait, you are just going to fall farther and farther behind your competitors, while your counterparts who are embracing the technique will continue to rise in the ranking and thus making their millions.

  1. Increase in Traffic; One of the major benefits of using Edmonton’s Position One Marketing SEO services is the increase in traffic. While it may seem to be a time-consuming venture, SEO is a cost effective means of networking, linking, and sharing valuable information about your products and services to large numbers of people– all enabling your business’s name to reach top 3 in googlepotential customers who may not have otherwise known you exist, and allowing the cultivation of business relationships. When handled professionally, SEO will help promote your business and create a brand awareness of your products and services to millions of people worldwide. With it, you be at the liberty to expand your business where, how, and when you want.
  2. Return of Investment; SEO provides quantifiable and track-able results whether or not you are an e-commerce site or not, meaning that there are no qualms concerning ROI. A website with no SEO tools is like a tree planted in the middle of the Sahara. No water, no sunlight and no Carbon-dioxide. Premature death is a mathematical certainty. SEO marketing tools, like social media, video, article, backlinking, press releases and e-mail marketing are your website’s sunlight, water and carbon-dioxide that will aid its germination online for a fruitful harvest session. With the help of Position One Marketing, you will set up your business and enjoy great return on your investment.
  3. Improve Branding; Credibility is important to your business as it increases trust in your brand. It helps push consumers from being merely interested in your products or services to making that initial, or repeat, purchase. Solid performance in SERP’s translates into credibility and top-of-mind awareness for a successful business owner. The better a brand can secure and defend a first-page organic search result under a targeted keyword or basket of keywords, the more people will trust the business within the competitive space, and the more conversion on traffics can be expected.

So don’t wait any longer, don’t think about if your business needs SEO or not…because it does. This is the leading marketing strategy in this day and age. So contact Position One Marketing today to get a free analysis of your site and to find out exactly what they can do for you.


Tech Companies Offering Onsite Chiropractic Care

Over recent years, there seems to be a growing trend of tech companies offering its employees onsite healthcare. In the past onsite healthcare was provided only for emergency care, when employers got hurt on the job. However, onsite healthcare is now being aimed at prevention and health screenings. Services that are commonly offered include dental care, eye exams and even acupuncture. One emerging healthcare service is also that of the onsite chiropractor, especially in successful Canadian tech companies.

There are many chiropractic professionals that offer onsite care to the tech industry. So why is this? The reason is that the onsite chiropractor is both beneficial to the employee and employer. We reached out to the South Edmonton chiropractor team at http://edmontonchiropractors.org/south-side/ and they explained the benefits on onsite chiropractic care for both the employee and the employer.

Benefits to the employee

chiropractor-working-onsite-with-employeeChiropractors can deal with a broad range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions; that can affect the tech, worker. These injuries, in particular, affect the wrists, arms, neck and lower back, due to the nature of the work. The pain and discomfort may cause the worker to take days off hurting the overall production of the company.

Why have a chiropractor onsite?

This is hugely beneficial as the employer is more likely to go and have their problem dealt with, rather than taking sick-leave to visit chiropractors. It is also extremely convenient for the employee care and relief is immediate. The is advantageous for the tech worker financially as they will potentially take less sick days, leading to a decline in pay.

A working relationship can also be formed, with the chiropractor giving specific advice with regards to which equipment and concrete aids the employee should use. For example, they may suggest a different type of chair to sit in while working at the computer. They may suggest another type of keyboard or even make referrals for a vision check. This will ultimately create an increase in productivity and general well-being.

Benefits for the employer

manager-shaking-chiropractors-handBy employing South Edmonton chiropractor services, it is known that high-quality employees will be kept within the company. Any potential injuries can be caught early on and preventative measures taken. Having an onsite chiropractor will also help to attract highly professional tech workers.

As already stated productivity will be increased and the number of overall sick days will be reduced. Therefore, employers will have a stronger and more motivated workforce, with generally fewer injuries occurring. Of course, this will have positive financial implications.

The benefits of having South Edmonton chiropractor services onsite within your tech company are plentiful. There are so many positives to be gained, including a stronger, healthier and highly motivated workforce.