Powerful Impact Of AI Technology In Dental Care

dental artificial intelligenceThe use of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare industry is a growing trend that will continue to change the way we deliver healthcare. AI technology has been developing rapidly over the past few years and has already been adopted by some top dental care providers like those you can find at San Diego 247 Dental. Research studies have shown that it will be very beneficial to the dental industry and society as a whole.

In this article, we explore what AI technology may mean for dentistry specifically.


What Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a general-purpose technology that has the power to change many industries. AI can drive cars, diagnose medical conditions, and now it’s being used in dental care by giving dentists a virtual assistant to close teeth with minimal tooth reduction, for instance.

Dentists will benefit from artificial intelligence as they now rely on the analysis of minor ailments such as cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. Insurance carriers also now demand provider verification for insurance reimbursements using artificial intelligence rehabilitation, ensuring that each patient has their own unique touchpoint during treatment.

AI will continue to grow exponentially as it becomes integrated into society more and more over time – just like what happened with computers and televisions.


The Impact Of AI Technology In Dental Care

The future of dental care is rapidly changing with the help of AI technology. Dental care professionals are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to provide better patient outcomes at lower costs through more efficient diagnosis, treatment planning, prevention of disease progression, monitoring response to therapy, and chronic condition management.

The number of AI products emerging in the dental industry is accelerating, with an estimated growth to reach more than $1.3 billion by 2023, according to BCC Research. The report cites “emerging opportunities in digital dentistry” as one of the key drivers behind the market’s explosive growth. 

One example of an emerging AI tool that already has gained a foothold is Nuance’s Dragon® Medical 360 mobile app platform, which integrates artificial intelligence into electronic health records and other software applications across multiple workflow systems within a clinical setting. In April 2018, Nuance was granted FDA approval for its Imaging-Based tooth surface imaging solution.

In 2017, 23andMe launched a new service that uses genetic testing to predict users’ breast cancer risk. 23andMe can provide more accurate results with cheaper equipment because of its AI technology.

Information is key when it comes to insurance, which makes artificial intelligence services very useful in the field. This past January, an Aetna subsidiary purchased ZocDoc, which uses AI capabilities to help physicians schedule patients and track their health records. The move was an effort to improve coordination between medical professionals and insurers while becoming more consumer-friendly. Not only that, but they are also looking for ways to automate certain processes so they will be able to accurately process claims faster through data aggregation.


Benefits Of AI For Dentists And Patients

One of the main benefits of AI for dentists is that it helps to save time. Previously, dentists had to be present for hours for diagnosis and treatment. With AI technology, however, there is no need to be present for hours as the diagnosis and treatment is done by the computer.

One other benefit of using AI technology in dental care is that it will allow for more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. The earlier a problem with a patient’s teeth is caught, which can happen with artificial intelligence, the easier it will be to treat them and the cheaper they will be to fix. This will also help reduce unnecessary costs as the right treatment for each patient will be identified through AI technology.

For patients, this means faster recovery time which reduces discomfort. Patients are also more comfortable not having a stranger near them due to AI technology being able to do treatments remotely or onsite.

One of the other benefits of AI technology in dentistry is that it can save a lot of money for patients. In the past, microchips would need to be attached to the teeth which means that expensive procedures always had to be paid for by patients. With AI technology, however, this is no longer necessary as it detects tooth decay from images and does not require any additional devices.


Future Implications Of Artificial Intelligence On The Healthcare Industry

The future implications of AI on the healthcare industry are limitless. Artificial intelligence has already been implemented in third-world countries to augment human skills and manufacturing workers. This application of AI could be very useful in the healthcare industry by quickly diagnosing patients’ medical issues. The use of artificial intelligence would free up doctors to spend more time with patients who require specialist care.

The future of AI technology in dentistry has also become promising due to the advancement in camera technologies. Artificial intelligence has been known to have some issues with recognizing images from different angles. This can be easily addressed by developing image recognition software from whatever angle you take your picture from. This would allow many more people access to dental care as it will be affordable and convenient.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence is going to have a huge impact on the dental industry as well as on society as a whole. This technology is very beneficial for all citizens by increasing access to healthcare and reducing costs. Legislation on AI must keep up with its rapid development else it could cause a lot of disruption.

Taking Your Business To The Next Level With Search Engine Optimization

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A site that is well optimized according to the algorithms of popular search engines like Google, Bingo, Yahoo and others is will definitely get more exposure in SERPs. Getting more online exposure (enjoying first or second page ranking) directly translates to more traffic (visitors) to a website, and pulling heavy traffic / getting more visitors directly translates into more sales of products and services, which in short means profits for your business.

Benefit of Position One Marketing’s SEO Services

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Tech Companies Offering Onsite Chiropractic Care

Over recent years, there seems to be a growing trend of tech companies offering its employees onsite healthcare. In the past onsite healthcare was provided only for emergency care, when employers got hurt on the job. However, onsite healthcare is now being aimed at prevention and health screenings. Services that are commonly offered include dental care, eye exams and even acupuncture. One emerging healthcare service is also that of the onsite chiropractor, especially in successful Canadian tech companies.

There are many chiropractic professionals that offer onsite care to the tech industry. So why is this? The reason is that the onsite chiropractor is both beneficial to the employee and employer. We reached out to the South Edmonton chiropractor team at http://edmontonchiropractors.org/south-side/ and they explained the benefits on onsite chiropractic care for both the employee and the employer.

Benefits to the employee

chiropractor-working-onsite-with-employeeChiropractors can deal with a broad range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions; that can affect the tech, worker. These injuries, in particular, affect the wrists, arms, neck and lower back, due to the nature of the work. The pain and discomfort may cause the worker to take days off hurting the overall production of the company.

Why have a chiropractor onsite?

This is hugely beneficial as the employer is more likely to go and have their problem dealt with, rather than taking sick-leave to visit chiropractors. It is also extremely convenient for the employee care and relief is immediate. The is advantageous for the tech worker financially as they will potentially take less sick days, leading to a decline in pay.

A working relationship can also be formed, with the chiropractor giving specific advice with regards to which equipment and concrete aids the employee should use. For example, they may suggest a different type of chair to sit in while working at the computer. They may suggest another type of keyboard or even make referrals for a vision check. This will ultimately create an increase in productivity and general well-being.

Benefits for the employer

manager-shaking-chiropractors-handBy employing South Edmonton chiropractor services, it is known that high-quality employees will be kept within the company. Any potential injuries can be caught early on and preventative measures taken. Having an onsite chiropractor will also help to attract highly professional tech workers.

As already stated productivity will be increased and the number of overall sick days will be reduced. Therefore, employers will have a stronger and more motivated workforce, with generally fewer injuries occurring. Of course, this will have positive financial implications.

The benefits of having South Edmonton chiropractor services onsite within your tech company are plentiful. There are so many positives to be gained, including a stronger, healthier and highly motivated workforce.

The Dangers of Rooting Your Android Phone

Android Rooting

There are lots of advantages of rooting your Android phone. One is that you are able to become the superuser whereby you acquire the ability of removing the default phone apps and get more phone memory for optimal performance. The process of rooting the smartphone also becomes the initial step towards installing some of those amazing custom firmwares that are available online for free. Rooting could also be benefit to you in a number of ways though there is the coin flipside too.

If you have been planning on rooting that Android phone, you then need to be alert of the dangers that are associated with that process. You require increasing the level of access of your phone to “superuser” from “guest” when you are contemplating on rooting your phone. The Android gadgets have been designed to have you as the guest operator. You could end up having a complicated phone if you are planning on using it as “superuser”. The most important thing that you must remember is, before you think of doing anything, always transfer your files off of your Android to ensure they are safe no matter what happens. Using a software to transfer your files is the easiest and safest way to do this. There are some great reviews of file transfer products if you follow this link; androidfiletransfer.net/x-plore-file-manager-review/.

Below we look into several of the perils which you must be alert to when you are planning on rooting your android phone.

Phone damage

It is possible to end up with a damaged Android operating system, so much that  it cannot be repaired anymore. In case you commit any error during the process of rooting then there are very high odds that the phone might get bricked. When your Android phone gets bricked, there is really nothing that you can do about it. Keep in mind that you won’t even be able to recourse going to the phone service center for the simple reason that as your warranty is already voided.

Core files damage

The Android phone operating system is derived from the Linux OS. The android phone employs a kernel which manages the system memory to facilitate communication linking software and hardware. Whenever you are planning on rooting your phone, you require altering this kernel. The system core files get assembled within the kernel and the system might not work in case you have deleted anyone of these files. This is because in case, you modify any of these core files, the device will stop working.

Safeguards removed

Android phones generally have safeguards that are in-built for preventing the device from excessive independence. In case you root your phone, you might end up having removed these very safeguards. Additionally you might be having root access into your gadget together with the other app too. When you have downloaded an unsafe application, you then might be unable to halt it from downloading other apps to your phone or going on to upload your information to the system remote servers.

Similar to other operating systems, the Android OS might be receiving updates continuously that keep it fully protected. Once you have your Android rooted, you might not continue getting these kinds of updates because the updating server may no longer recognize the phone now.

root android

5 Of The Best Alternates For iTunes

We all know that iTunes can be a real pain in the rear sometimes. Luckily, there are many other options that completely replace iTunes.

The following is information that will be of help to you in finding the best alternative for iTunes movies and TV shows. This is a list that contains the top 5 iTunes Alternatives. For options on alternates for music, follow this link: www.itunesalternative.net/because-limitations-suck/

CloudloadCloudload – users of the cloudload are to find an extensive selection which they can choose from. Any TV show or movie that has been loaded on the internet it will be possible for the users to access it through cloudload. The selection available includes the recent releases, foreign language versions and classic films.

Hulu Plushulu plusthis is a popular service that offers its users most of the television shows that are new and for those who would like to have an access to their favorite shows immediately they have been aired live on cable, Hulu plus has made it to be a stellar choice for them.

 Netflix – it offers a wide selection of both the movies and TV shows but the show can take a few weeks to a number of months due to the nature of how the television rights works.

lovefilmLoveFilm – this is an instant option that has 3790 movies that has been lined up in their queue and still counting. The type of genres that is included in the list of the movies include horror, family, drama, thriller, music and world cinema. The streaming option of LoveFilm is very comprehensive and it is offered for free as a part of a monthly membership.
red box
Redbox – this became more popular in 2004. By the year 2005 there were already kiosks for the Redbox which were located in Houston, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, St. Louis and Baltimore.

Technical data