5 Of The Best Alternates For iTunes

We all know that iTunes can be a real pain in the rear sometimes. Luckily, there are many other options that completely replace iTunes.

The following is information that will be of help to you in finding the best alternative for iTunes movies and TV shows. This is a list that contains the top 5 iTunes Alternatives. For options on alternates for music, follow this link: www.itunesalternative.net/because-limitations-suck/

CloudloadCloudload – users of the cloudload are to find an extensive selection which they can choose from. Any TV show or movie that has been loaded on the internet it will be possible for the users to access it through cloudload. The selection available includes the recent releases, foreign language versions and classic films.

Hulu Plushulu plusthis is a popular service that offers its users most of the television shows that are new and for those who would like to have an access to their favorite shows immediately they have been aired live on cable, Hulu plus has made it to be a stellar choice for them.

 Netflix – it offers a wide selection of both the movies and TV shows but the show can take a few weeks to a number of months due to the nature of how the television rights works.

lovefilmLoveFilm – this is an instant option that has 3790 movies that has been lined up in their queue and still counting. The type of genres that is included in the list of the movies include horror, family, drama, thriller, music and world cinema. The streaming option of LoveFilm is very comprehensive and it is offered for free as a part of a monthly membership.
red box
Redbox – this became more popular in 2004. By the year 2005 there were already kiosks for the Redbox which were located in Houston, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, St. Louis and Baltimore.

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